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Warning about phishing/spoofing

We have been receiving multiple random spoof emails, purporting to be from HDAS but sent from another email address such as "".

If you too are receiving these, please be aware they are not from us and we no longer attach our newsletter to emails, instead directing you to our website and blog. Mark it as "phishing" in your junk mail folder so Outlook or your email provider knows is doing this. Do NOT open any attachments. from

Email phishing scams - Netsafe – Providing free online safety advice in New Zealand

Phishing is when someone tries to get personal information (like bank account numbers and passwords), from a large audience, so they can use it to ...

This link talks about how easy it is to "spoof" an email so it looks like it is from an address and yet it is not. It does not require them log in or hack your account at all to do this, see

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